TheĀ  Murder Emblem


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The Murder Emblem is the story of Elizabeth Williams, a young girl in her early twenties, who is a diligent prize-winning rookie journalist and has just moved to New York. She is quite introverted and nervous when it comes to social interactions. But when a failing news channel recognizes her abilities in written journalism, the director gives her the job of collecting crime-related news to bring the ratings back up.

Her past is a mixture of optimistic and dark moments. Orphaned and alone, she somehow shaped her personality the way it is. But her existence and motives are governed by the events linked to the shadiness of her past. In recent times, vindictive serial murders occur and after each murder, the killer leaves a burning symbol of a crown in the most tantalizing way near the victim.

The underlying mystery of these occurrences is beyond the police departments as well as Interpol and the CIA. There is a possibility of a dangerous mastermind syndicate growing and conquering in the shadows with deadly intentions and no one knows the reality of its existence.

No one can be trusted. Where robust law organizations were incapable of uncovering the mystery, Elizabeth Williams is the last person ever who could do that. But what if the biggest impossibility is explored in reality? What if she is placed on the same road where the police and Interpol had failed? Will she get her answer? Will she uncover the underlying mystery of the crimes? Will she survive?