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  Trekking along Nature 

It is terrifying but a profound reality. There are exceptions but an affirmative preponderance of people has been observed to take part in this unfortunate and ghastly activity. That’s right, it’s called ‘Sedentary Lifestyle’. Now I’m quite sure, some of you might be thinking, indeed this is a preposterously absurd statement. How does sitting and working in relaxed conditions ever prove to be ghastly?! In fact, the majority of those who are part of that kind of lifestyle seem to enjoy it a lot. The supreme looking executive attire with a suave sense of command, sitting in a blissful air-conditioned room seated on a staggeringly comfortable swivelling chair quite similar to the throne of the modern world, working tirelessly for hours on desktop computers to make sure that the respective companies those folks work in, are always ending up with flying colours. Now I freely admit that yes, working with diligence certainly allows a person to embark the arena of success. But then if we overlook the work for a second and focus on the conditions in which a person thrives while working, unfortunately the results of a sedentary lifestyle are horrifying.

Pondering upon this, let's take a gigantic step back in time when mankind finally bid adieu to the ape civilization and finally stood upon its two feet with the onset of the Stone Age. The world was a starkly different reality. It was just miles and miles of true mother nature. And mind you, mother nature in itself is extremely dexterous. Humankind due to this, was forced to thrive in physically demanding conditions. When it came to jobs, the word sedentary sounded like its from alien origin. Simply didn’t exist! Humans ended up doing jobs such as farming, building shelters, hunting and most of all, surviving. None of those jobs required the presence of an air-conditioned room with a swivelling chair and a computer.

As we evolved, the mental attributes that we humans were endowed with enabled us to craft the most breath-taking marvels that provided a foundational structure to the modern world. The Industrial age gave birth to machines and manufactured products which then demanded a market for distribution. That marked the emergence of the most prevalent tertiary sector which then commenced the plethora of jobs that involved a multitude of companies. But in the most clandestine way possible, the concept of “Sedentary lifestyle” managed to creep into our demeanour in hindsight and we never even alluded to it.

Stepping into some logical facts, the analysis of our body structure reveals that our body was never designed to be in a sitting posture for long times. We were made to stand and be proactive. The chair has been an invention that has changed our concept of working position and at the same time, made us oblivious of the potential calamity that brews within our muscles when we end up sitting for long hours. The constriction of our calf muscles plummets the ease of blood flow to the legs which can jeopardize the entirety of our bodily equilibrium. I know it sounds cataclysmic, but it’s a true fact. Heart problems and obesity related issues also arise because of it.

I read a reassuring quote somewhere,

“The universe is so well-balanced that the mere fact of the existence of a problem hints at the existence of its solution.”

Such a silver lining does exist at the borders of this dark cloud. The solution lies in our roots itself. We humans should take a break from the profound and obsessive pieces of technology, may it be phones or may it be computers or whatnot, and turn our heads towards being at one with mother nature. There is an assortment of methods through which this can be done. But I’m particularly fond of trekking. Before I elaborate more, here’s presenting a short story that I came across recently which is quite explanatory of this fact.

There was once an eminent king who helmed the throne of a magnificent kingdom. It was surrounded by lush green forests and mountains which were embellished with the presence of a diverse congregation of wildlife. In the centre of the forest lay the powerful kingdom of the king with the most outstanding castles and palaces where the king resided. He had three sons whom he adored. The eldest son was pretty much the laziest human being one could have imagined. He would while away his time feasting on food and laying idle in his gold studded couch. But because he was the eldest, he would receive the lion’s share of all of his father’s possessions. Second, came the middle son. Not as lazy as his elder brother, but he was extremely egoistic. Never walked on his own. He always demanded a horse or a ship to travel. Finally, came the youngest son. Unlike his brothers, he was extremely down to earth and a nature lover. He would spend the maximum part of his time exploring the wonders of nature whilst trekking along the forests and mountains. He was ridiculed for his habits and tagged as a wanderer by his brothers. But he gave them a deaf ear and kept spending time trekking along

 As time passed, the king grew old and decided to hold a contest for electing an heir for his kingdom. The three sons were summoned and the king narrated the task of the contest. ‘As a king, it is very easy to dictate and command power. But it is very difficult to respect and admire the anything that is beautiful in our surroundings. So, whoever of you can find me the most beautiful thing in the forest of our kingdom will be my heir. You may use any mode of transport you prefer.’ The eldest son immediately ordered his servants to bring his golden chariot with the most magnificent group of horses and set off. The middle son opted to ride his horse and so with a group of servants, set off. When the youngest son emerged, he opted to go on foot instead. At the end of the day, all three of them returned to the palace. To the king’s amazement, his first two sons had nothing with them!

The eldest had reached the forest but because of his laziness, he ended up dozing off at that very place. The middle one, due to his inflated ego, never got off his horse to walk. The youngest on the other hand had spent his entire day trekking in the wilderness of the jungle. His exploration had caused him to come across the most charming water lily in a small pond which he had found. And so that’s what he brought along with him. Lo and behold, he became the rightful heir.

Such is the miraculous ability of trekking. Not only does it enhance one’s physical fitness and allows the muscles to ease out, but it also awakens one’s inner explorer. The most famous biologists and researchers did not make groundbreaking natural discoveries by sitting in a room with a computer. They simply went on seamless treks in the most fascinating locations which allowed them to be at one with nature and achieve the sight of such wonders. Going on long treks also teaches some invaluable lessons.

When I myself had gone for a trek at a mountainous hill station, I realized that the comfort provided by city life is simply an ostentatious blanket to the reality. Sedentary comfort in actuality makes one weaker and that’s why my experience hadn’t been a flawless one. I literally had to tug and yank myself ahead on every step I took. It also taught me to not give up on any journey and to keep going nevertheless. Living on limited supply and walking in the most beautiful woods gave me the most enriching experience and also enabled me to observe and spot alluring forms of flora and fauna as well.

When I visited my native place for the very first time, it was a rather remote village which involved going through a long trek on the roads surrounded by fields. And because those areas were remote, the roads weren’t exactly smooth. Rather they were tracks littered with splintery looking stones. Being a person encompassed with the comforts of city life, I used to tread on those roads with shoes. But what flummoxed me that the elders would nonchalantly walk barefoot on the path whilst whistling along to the songs orchestrated by the birds sitting on the trees surrounding the path. When I tried to do so, it was the most dismal experience. I literally felt as if I was walking on a bed of thorns. My soles bled, and I was in an extremely agonizing situation. I initially felt that the elders possessed some form of superpowers. Later it dawned upon me. All they were simply doing was physically and mentally being at one with nature whilst trekking along. So, another terrific ability which trekking provides is the sense of being robust. Something which is shattered by a sedentary lifestyle.

As a closure, I would stay that it might be important to stay focused on the demanding computer jobs and keep at them. At the same time, those jobs hold neither importance nor significance against the physical well-being of a person. Instead of sitting for long hours, one must bask in the magnificence of mother nature with treks or any other mode that enables being at one with nature.

That will certainly be the beginning of a reinvigorated civilization and the end of all kinds of trauma which sedentary lifestyle tends to harvest.

That’s all for this. Hope it was enjoyable

Signing off!

Do looks really matter??? 

There was once a man who resided in a village that was situated off the beaten path. In remote locations like these, the folk usually are completely oblivious about the hustling cities and the thriving populations of different kinds of people. There was also the lack of an efficient system of information transfer like televisions and newspapers. But in spite of all that there is one tool which is omniscient, used extensively and spreads information to the farthest of locations. The word of mouth. This man happened to hear a lot about the President of his country, and he was completely captivated by these facts. The thought of actually meeting the president or for that matter even salvaging a glimpse of his presence had embodied his mind and had fascinated him. So fuelled by his determination, he gathered all the money he could muster and set out on the promenade of experiencing the presence of the president.

With an outstretched journey involving multiple train rides and bus rides, he finally arrived at the President’s residence situated in the capital city. As he disembarked from the bus, he noticed that there was an extensive congregation that had gathered at the gates of the building. The city dwellers had assembled to view the President who was about to make an appearance at that very place. Now this man’s excitement knew no bounds. He would at least get to view the man he admired the most. He paved his way through the crowd and occupied the front spot. As he was hanging on to his hat with impatience, he noticed one of the onlooking city dwellers standing beside him.

He walked up to him and asked him with intrusiveness, ‘Have you ever seen the President? How does he look?’

The man replied with a subtle grimace, ‘Well, he’s not too tall, not too handsome and very average looking.’

Before the villager could react to the shocking comment passed by the man, the gates opened revealing the President who walked towards the villager with the most amiable and warm smile on his face and shook hands with him. He then asked him about his origin and his well-being affectionately. As the villager looked at the President, he thought to himself, who says this man isn’t handsome and who says he’s average? Someone who is unbiased of social status and can nonchalantly chat with a simpleton like the villager himself has to have the most benevolent heart ever!

The villager interacted with none other than the former president of India who is also known as the Missile Man of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.

Now I heard this short story recently and it got me thinking. There were three main characters, first the villager. The man who was absolutely relentless in his campaign of achieving his goal of meeting the president and who was also quite strong-willed and steady minded. This was because any opinion about the president did not sway his desire of interacting with him. Then there was the president. The most gracious and kind-hearted soul who had no boundaries of social status and who could converse with the simplest of people in the most affectionate manner possible.

But the character that is most retrospective is the city dweller. A person who not only was a strong pessimist and petulant, but was also atrociously judgmental. The one who valued the physical appearance more than the inner immaculateness of the president. The character looks and sounds loathsome but in reality, most of us unfortunately pertain to this character

It might sound false but this is a subtle reality of the modern world. We all are accustomed to judging a person by their physical appearance or by the state of their façade. Mostly we end up passing minor comments regarding the physical dimensions or the facial characteristics of others. Now it may seem that these comments are harmless and it's permissive to give them a nod. But in reality, such kinds of gestures are extremely supercilious and not only do they exhibit an authoritative sense of judgment, but they also rid the other person of the freedom of being oneself and emanating a desire to be what they want instead of what others demand. And that itself is a horrendous catastrophic situation because the person is on the receiving end of pain and dejection.

The other odious practice which has occupied the mind of some individuals is that they make most attempts to embellish themselves physically may it be using cosmetics, or any other means. This isn’t really a wrong thing to do. But the negligence in enhancing one’s inner soul is the reason why it becomes odious. External beatification is certainly profitable. It makes the person look more attractive. But then it is always bested by something that is dispassionate to all and that waits for none, Time. With time, all that external beauty withers away and the short-lived attractive appearance suddenly vanishes into oblivion

Contrary to this, inner purity is the actual gemstone that should be sought after. No matter how attractive a person looks externally, lack of inner purity reduces him or her to nothing more than an empty void of pretence. If a person is elegant and stainless in his soul, no matter how attractive the externals are, time will always be incapable in ridding him or her of that amicable soul that resides within.  A person who is at peace and is true to the soul internally doesn’t have to be conscious about his or her façade and is always going to be jovial.

But as an extremely wise soul has proclaimed, ‘Practice what you preach’. I am certainly not in the judge’s seat. I’m rather standing with my head bottom-ward. Even I consider myself, like most people to be guilty of committing the most appalling deed of commenting about physical aspects of the ones who are dear to me. It was the most moronic mistake which I now regret doing because unknowingly it might have supplied dismay to my near and dears. Most people use the curtains of joking behaviour or nonchalance but in reality, it is absolutely misconstrued practice. This habit has silently invaded our daily routine and will be a monster of our own making if we do not wake up to it and alter our words and actions accordingly.

So, I’m certainly not an expert on human behaviour. But nevertheless, as a conclusion, I would say this. The real admirability of a person comes from within and external beautification merely serves as a temporary option. So, each one of us has got a choice, to emphasize on external looks or our internal soul. Genuinely the people who choose the latter are extremely out of the ordinary and will always be an edge over the people who are constantly concerned about external looks.

Moreover, whenever people pass comments, they tend to believe in a set of parameters of physical dimensions which people need to follow and disregard the ones who don’t. But I have come to realize that such parameters do not exist and each and every individual is unique and solitary in their own way. Only one person can have the command of deciding the perfection of appearance. And that is that very person itself. Extra unnecessary opinions and comments belong to the dustbin

 I would like to utilize this post to express a heartfelt apology to all the people whom I have knowingly or unknowingly commented upon their physical aspects and caused pain to them. I would also like to give a huge shout out to all those special people who are unbothered by physical looks and who prioritize the inner excellence much more than anything!

That was all for this one. Provide your opinions and feedback in the comments. Will be appreciated.

A quote for the end

‘Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart!’

Signing off!

 Monster on the loose! 

Beware. A massively hostile monster looms around the globe preying on each person it can find and completely inconspicuous to the eye. Every human being finds a vulnerable pedestal in the monster’s perspective and nonchalantly falls into the benign trap that the monster lays down for him. But the irony is that when questioned, nobody concedes the monstrosity of this creature and rather complies with it blindly leaving the monster completely unnoticed and unhindered. The monster apparently has a voracious appetite that consists of a plate full of human misconception and illusion. It also apparently has a name for it, Theoretical Dependence.

Now I’m perfectly aware that this might be the most outlandish thing you have ever read about and will choose to deny. But let’s not get bogged down by who's a monster and who isn’t and try analysing the roots of Theoretical Dependence as a whole. Everything that our human brain comprehends, is perceived as a theory by us. May it be the occurrence of natural phenomena, ancient scriptures, literature and many more. It’s always a theoretical explanation that we discern and remember. This practice has been going on since ages till date. All was going well until we humans callously began to consider that Theoretical excellence is the undisputed ultimatum in life and began to venerate it absolutely oblivious of the consequences.

The biggest thriving example of this fact is observed in most schools and educational institutions. When the theoretical supremacy is perceived in the form of marks and grades, not all students are gifted enough to flair through successfully. The ones who are unable to do so are ruthlessly looked down upon which unilaterally relegates their confidence and enthusiasm. It’s the age of steadfast competition and only those students who outperform in exams are considered examples of excellence with preconceived notions of guilt and remorse for the rest of them.

But if we hold our horses for a second, exams essentially are meant to test a student’s understanding of a particular subject. If the student manages to efficiently perform well, it simply reflects the fact that the student is quite familiar with the subject. If the opposite happens then the student requires assistance in the understanding of the subject. It looks like a docile hypothesis yet somehow; the high-performance student is rewarded with accolades and revels and the other student is merely ridiculed and offered disregard.

Little do we realize that academic excellence isn’t the only quality that exists on this planet. There are innumerable talents and attributes that a student can possess other than just scoring marks in an exam. It could be performing arts, management, public speaking and whatnot. Yet, unfortunately most educational institutions do not provide the equitable podium to students to demonstrate exemplary performances in these aspects in comparison to academic exams.

Another example of this can be seen quite clearly in the society where there is a subtle grading system to the jobs which various people do that is absolutely thick witted of a concept. For example, a sweeper or a cleaner is considered to have an unsubstantial job whereas a person working in a magnanimous sales marketing company is looked at with awe. It is an incontestable fact that the incomes of the respective individuals may differ. But the meaningfulness of the jobs they perform are undeniably equal. All that extra importance which the latter receives is like beating a dead horse. If no sense at all! The people who believe that the cleaner’s job is insignificant are living in an impalpable spell because they are ignorant of the fact that if the cleaner doesn’t do his job, then diseases will prolong, our beautified surroundings will suddenly develop a ghastly layer of garbage all over it and miseries will be unstoppable.

This form of attenuated ignorance in our minds is what has proliferated the monster and has made us completely vulnerable against it. Then comes the burning question. ‘Can the monster ever be apprehended by us?’  The fortunate answer is yes. But before I’m candid about it, let me narrate an uncanny short story that displays this aspect.

A priest who lived in a small village was once taking a ferry ride across the river that was at the outskirts of his village in order to cross it. It was a torrid afternoon and the boatman was languidly veering forward in the mild current of the water. This caused the priest to absolutely embrace boredom, and he was in a dire requirement of something to pass his time. That’s when he decided to strike a conversation with one of the men sitting across him. The man introduced himself to be a farmer who had spent his whole life toiling in fields and had very little to do with academics. That’s when the peremptory priest acquired an opportunity to display his theoretical excellence and began asking the farmer questions. ‘So, have you ever studied the ancient scriptures of Vedas?’ To this the farmer simply replied no. The priest exclaimed and said” Oh! Well I have and it turns out by not doing so you have wasted quarter of your life’ He then presented a different question ‘Have you ever read the Upanishads?’ Again, the farmer denied this. ‘Oh dear! You have wasted half of your life by not doing so’

Yet another question followed, ‘Have you ever read the famous epics and war stories?’ to which the predicted answer was a denial. Oh! My! Three quarters of your life lays wasted!’ Suddenly the boat began to pick up speed vigorously and the priest began to get alarmed. The boatman made a terrifying announcement. ‘A storm approaches and the boat is a bout to overturn.’ The farmer immediately asked the priest, ‘Dear sir, do you know to swim?’. The priest who had spent all his time studying those magnanimous texts, hadn’t ever tried to swim. So, he  helplessly said no. To this the farmer could simply say, ‘Your entire life is about to be wasted!’

The answer to that burning question lies in this story itself. Pragmatism. Actually, the essential requirement for an individual is the proficiency in performing practical tasks. No doubt, theoretical excellence is most beneficial. But if an individual wants to procure himself to be well-rounded, then practical knowledge stands at a much higher pedestal than theoretical knowledge. It is matter less whether a person is theoretically aware or not. But it is imperative that a person develops his or her practical skills in the best way possible.

 A lion doesn’t study a book written on hunting and the gives an exam on it. A swimmer doesn’t learn to swim by reading the theory based on it. He simply dives into water and picks it up. A scientist doesn’t make the most startling inventions by simply solving an exam paper and reading some books. He experiments and works practically with his apparatus and attains success. Examples are limitless.

As a bottom line, theoretical expertise has its own importance. It makes our fundamental understanding of our surroundings robust. But the knowledge we acquire stays futile if we don’t practically implement it somewhere in order to make a difference or betterment. By favouring individuals who are theoretically acclaimed, not only are we feeding the monster in surplus, but we’re also hitting the axe on our own feet by neglecting the sequestered talents and abilities which other individuals possess which could have the most formidable applications to uplift the surroundings and the world as a whole.  

So, let us all slay the monster with the sword of pragmatism and ensure that each and every talent of all individuals is fostered and given equal opportunities to exhibit them in the most virtuous manner possible. The world will truly be a greater place to thrive in!

That’s all for this one. Do provide any feedback in the comments, it will be appreciated

Signing off!

 Failure's Worth

As I was looming around mentally in search of a new topic for the post, I ran into quite a bit of pandemonium. I was almost failing to come up with a comprehensive topic. That’s when it struck me, Failure. The most prevalent conundrum that’s always imminent in every individual’s expedition towards success. An everlastingly dreaded phenomenon, Failure somehow intrigues me in a lot of ways. But before I brandish those candid notions, I would first like to narrate this extremely enlivening true story which is also a major motion picture today.

Back in the day when cars were much more primitive and pristine as compared to the modern day, the most prodigious and proficient car manufacturing company resided in the achingly alluring lands of Italy. Their name was well renowned all across the world and the cars produced by them were truly magnificent beasts. The company was none other than Ferrari. The founder, Enzo Ferrari had pretty much all the feathers in his cap when it came to motor racing. The sheer horsepower that the cars unleashed on the racetrack was almost unbeatable and Ferrari had transcended to be the pre-eminent car brand in racing history. Far away in the United States, another large-scale car manufacturer was trying to make ends meet with the few sale resources he could salvage. It was Ford. Its founder had soon managed to meet a brainwave. It was truly motor racing that could graciously reconvene the value of the car brand and would also prevent the company from renouncing its finance. They approached Ferrari to strike a deal for gaining support and offered to levy the debts which were hanging on Ferrari. But Ferrari disavowed the idea of a car brand with limiting racing prowess to associatively control their racing profits. In the most disdainful and petulant fashion, they called off the deal.

This seemed to have enraged the belligerent officials at Ford who then set off on their most ambitious peregrination ever. To downthrow Ferrari at what they do best, racing. They convinced Carol Shelby, a proficient car developer of the time to forge the most groundbreaking and paramount car of the era, the Ford GT40. They tried to compete at the Le Mans race which is a gruelling 24hr long race that demands the competence of both, the car and the driver. Ken Miles, a British racing champion was roped in to stay behind the wheel of this exhilarating vehicle. When the first race took place, the gt40 suffered a major hindrance because its brake discs were flimsy and would overheat quite easily which would have a cataclysmic impact on the performance of the car especially in tight bends. The result was a failure. But Ford along with Shelby and Miles did not succumb into it and with immense determination, worked on the car tirelessly to make it as docile and efficient as possible. Soon the GT40 attained its triumph and managed to bag its first victory with flying colours in the Le Mans. It truly became one of the most celebrated legends of the motoring industry.

This story captivates me not only because of the success Ford achieved but also because of its inspiring journey on the path riddled with potholes of failure. Failure was intricately quite responsible for the arousal of its determination and got rid of the ostentatious gloom which most people are driven towards. Pondering about this, most startling discoveries and innovations have reached their place due to a certain failure that occurred while they were being. Our world would have plummeted into darkness if Thomas Edison would not have soldiered on failing countlessly while crafting the light bulb. Our elements in the periodic table would have been in a catastrophic disarray if Mendeleev hadn’t been up for nights together failing continuously and working towards it. The list is limitless. Failure formulates the driving force for ambitious individuals to prolong their limits so that they burn the midnight oil in order to knock the doors of success.

But there’s a subtle catch to this. If we observe meticulously, failure has the word ‘lure’ embedded in it. And there is a meaning to this. Failure usually has the tendency of luring individuals towards agony and dismay. The popular reaction to failure is usually depression, anger, and sorrow. So, the true worth of failure is recognized when there is an appropriate mental approach to it. And frankly, there isn’t an absolute definition for failure. It’s a purely relative syllable. A massive failure for one, might just be a minor inaccuracy for another. So, it all comes down to the proficiency of an individual in the prospect of mentally dealing with failure. And nature is truly an admirable teacher in this aspect. If a lion fails to apprehend its prey in a meadow, it doesn’t head home with a dejected face and a dismal attitude. Instead, it searches for another meadow to have another shot at its hunt. This intertwined ignorance towards the fear of the consequences of failure is what we must imbibe.

The concept of failure is the most daunting when it comes to exams. In most cases, the horrendous reality is that weak-minded students tend to slack towards homicidal tendencies or extreme depression that results in commensurate hazard for them both mentally and physically. Students cannot reconcile the fact that Failure met them. But the reality is that failure is ostensibly the best teacher one can bargain for. It is extremely blunt and crystal clear with an individual. It manifests and reveals the mistakes which a person makes and that ensures the fact that the person does not repeat it in the near future. The person who never sees failure will never respect success and will always expedite his arrogance and egoistic attitude. But the person who deals with failure recognizes the true worth of success and savours it for life. He or she is always compelled to stay grounded and humble.

The individuals who turn the 'what?' into the 'so what?' are the ones who emerge victorious whilst dealing with failure. The sheer negligence of any negative emotions is what truly keeps the gates of ones mind open for determination and courage to flow through. A failure is only devastating in the eyes and mind of the beholder. It purely depends on how the person perceives the failure that determines its intensity. A person who's alive has a heart beat pattern which oscillates up and down. Likewise in life, if there are no downs, the life is simply not an enlightening one and it does not emanate a lively vibe. Which is why for an enhanced sense of living, it is imperative to experience failure.

As a closure, I would say that the slurpy lemonade which a strong-minded individual brews with the lemon’s life throws at him, is truly enriching. The goal shouldn’t always be towards success but rather, one must empower one’s mind to be robust and pragmatic to be able to deal with all forms of failure. Going at war with a stronger shield is much more formidable as compared to using a sharper sword. There’s truly no bigger success as compared to learning from failure and remodelling the mistakes made.

So, the next time you receive a greeting from failure, remind yourself that you have already been endowed with the biggest array of gifts best of all, life itself! The failure facing you is merely a stepping stone that will bestow an important skill of life in you and make you even more stupendous in the long run.

That’s all for this one. Do provide feedback in the comments. Will be back soon.

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Out of the box!  

In the early 1600s, the very contemplation of natural life was quite incommensurable from what it is today for people. Other than the fact that modern day technology was simply absent, the thought process of common folk was driven by pre-established higher authority individuals who used all sorts of means to propel the mindset of innocent believers to comprehend the most illogical facts. May it be the consideration of humans to be the only organisms to possess the oral glands or may it be the estimated age of the universe itself. Almost all of these theories were flawed in actuality but the people believing it were amaurotic in terms of their understanding because of the fear of the consequences of rivalling the higher authorities. Amidst this pandemonium of thought, emerged a bold and headstrong man, Nicolas Steno. A Danish scientist by profession, he recognized that the so-called theories were quite outlandish, he gave them a pragmatic approach instead of merely succumbing to their belief.

He unravelled the reality that the presence of oral salivary glands is an omnipresent phenomenon when he dissected the dead remains of domestic animals to figure this out. When he dissected a shark, he observed the structure of their teeth which happened to possess a striking resemblance to the rocks that are usually found underneath the topsoil layers. The conventional notion of these rocks was that they were deemed to be ancient entities falling from the sky. In reality, they were indeed the remains of shark teeth. This was a groundbreaking revelation because it opened doors to understanding the most unfounded realities of natural life. But along with sheer intellect, this story also establishes one of the earliest examples of out of the box thinking.

That’s right, out of the box thinking. A phrase that is usually heard by young learners while they’re attempting to be creative. But let’s cling to this thought for a while and try thinking about a profound question. What exactly is this ‘Box’? It may seem that the box consists of all dreary and woeful thoughts, but in reality, it represents thoughts that are generated by a generic mind. Any idea that is quite literal and ordinary, finds its place in the box. So, thinking out of the box lucidly implies thinking of an idea that’s rather inconceivable and uncommon. It might sound easy but not everyone is proficient at it. But all said and done, out of the box thinking is undeniably the tool that has fabricated the modern world.

For instance, the mobile phones that have inexplicably captivated the young and the old wouldn’t have been so advanced today if Steve Jobs and his team at Apple hadn’t reinvented the phone by introducing the legendary iPhone, an idea that’s quite out of the box. The company Tesla has caused a revolution in the world of automobiles by introducing an array of electric vehicles that have set the stage for future automobiles when the market is dominated with petrol vehicles. Now that’s what I call an out of the box idea. Each and every exciting feature of the modern world was once sitting inside the head of a voracious and innovative mind and without the tool of out of the box thinking, the world as we know it today would be unimaginably different and dismal.

But out of the box thinking isn’t exclusive to just innovation and ingenuity alone. In the mid 1900s, African Americans were subject to large amount of social discrimination which was completely horrendous and vindictive. Most people particularly women were thriving in the most horrifying conditions. When a bus driver asked an African American lady to relinquish her seat, instead of throwing in the towel, she strongly fulminated against the perpetrators and ended up kick-starting one of the most radical movements that reshaped the social scenario of America and also became the first lady to participate and head the civil rights movement. She was none other than Rosa Parks. Along with courage and valour, she actually displayed an out of the box approach to the scenario which gave her a fortuitous result.

Back in the era when the most sought-after weapon of choice chosen by each warrior was the sword and shield, a mighty leader, Genghis Khan opted to use a weapon that isn’t used at close range and is rather useful at a farther distance, the bow and arrow. He made it the pinnacle of his weapon inventory and it allowed him to conquer and rule one of the most magnanimously huge empires. Irrespective of his reprobate intentions, this was truly an out of the box idea that enhanced the strength of his army

As a bottom-line, I feel that we are always offered two choices in every scenario. To have a generic thought process that may or may not help us in the long run, or to have a unique picturesque alternative that makes a difference and upscales the quality of our expedition towards our goals. So, the next time you find yourself captive inside the infamous ‘Box’, just keep calm and pry your way out towards the resplendent opportunities that lie outside waiting to be attained!

That’s all for this one. Hope it was enjoyable. Share it on if it was enlightening. Also do share any out of the box idea you have ever had in the comments.

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It was the year 1903 when Wilbur and Orville Wright, two ingenious brothers were absolutely awestruck by the incredulous natural ability possessed by birds. The ability to glissade flawlessly through the endless limits the skies have to offer. That’s when they came to a common objective of trying to embellish a lifeless object with the very same ability. That’s when the aircraft was born and one of the earliest examples of Biomimicry was established.

Biomimicry has grown into a vast and steadfast institution in itself in today’s time. The art of understanding a feat located in the expansive premise of mother nature and implementing it in some part of modern life, has invited the interest of numerous individuals. There are multiple praiseworthy examples of this. The meticulous honeybees who salvage nectar from varied flower sources collect all of it and store it in what’s known as a honeycomb.

Now what’s interesting about this is the fact that the structure of a honeycomb consists of multiple hexagon shaped units that are connected in an extensive and orderly format. This enhances the structural strength of a honeycomb which usually stays unscathed in any scenario. This technology is quite formidable for increasing the endurance of any material. As a result, the honeycomb structure is an omniscient phenomenon in building the functional units of innumerable heavy-duty machines. As a matter of fact, even a basic material like cardboard sheet consists of an intertwined honeycomb structure beneath its surface fibres to improve its stability.

Another example worth mentioning is the tapering body structure of all fishes. The edges are sharp whereas the middle body is broader. Fishes are meant to move about considerably in water which happens to be a fluid. Now fluids, encompass the entity inside them from all sides and as a result, exert an opposing drag force which slows the entity down. To combat this issue fishes have been endowed with this kind of structure so that the drag force becomes completely inconspicuous. We have incorporated this ability while constructing the outer body of aeroplanes and ships, both travelling in different kinds of fluids. This has ensured a seamless journey of these vehicles without any relegation of speed.

But amongst all this, there is another aspect of wildlife which is staggering in my opinion. Each and every specie of animals exhibit a particular characteristic and emotion unanimously in all scenarios. Lions and other wildcats for example always emanate courage and intrepidity whenever they stride with a stalwart sense of pride. Herbivores like deer and elephants on the other hand display the emotions of composure and tranquillity with a calmer approach to jungle life. Some herbivores like the hippopotamus and tortoise are so laggard at times that it's quite difficult to determine whether they’re awake or in deep slumber. Prominent stories like The Jungle Book and Lion King have efficiently essayed these characteristics while creating their respective characters.

But these characteristics have stood unchanged over the course of history for the animal kingdom. Humans on the other hand are quite a contrast. We manage to mimic the physical aspects of animals in the most astute way possible but neglect the emotional characteristics of animals completely. The emotional attributes of animals can come in handy in innumerable human scenarios. Courage for instance can be used in any spooky situation. The calm attribute should be projected by each individual for a better sense of well-being. And ironically some humans essay the attribute of being lethargic

All said and done nature provides an extravagant array of virtues not only physical but also on the emotional and character front. So, we must greatly try to mimic the animal qualities that will both enhance our personality and at the same time, leave us in awe of the behemoth, mother nature truly is!

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 Ambition vs Arrogance 

Here I am again, talking about two very interesting topics that seem to rival each other in various scenarios and represent the two incontestable sides of a coin. But before I proceed with any form of  candid thoughts, let's first delve into an uncanny yet unique story that is a picturesque example based on what I'm talking about. I happened to read about this story via multiple accountable sources.

If we try pondering about London, one of the most prosperous and exuberant cities in the United Kingdom which also happens to be its capital, we are reminiscent of the incredible feats of the city that are all extravagant in their own way. May it be the economy, the people, the culture or the popularity of it being used in stories like Sherlock Holmes. But the feat that captivates me the most is the outstanding underground metro railway network. An absolute behemoth in itself, London has got innumerable metro lines that seamlessly connect each nook and corner of the city. The lives of the average commuter has never been so efficient in terms of punctuality all thanks to the incontestable competence of the mechanical marvel on rails.

But let's hold our horses for a second and travel back to the nineteenth century when the world was catching up with economic development and London happened to be the most economically prosperous city in the entirety of England. Every small and large business person along with traders and shopkeepers managed to pave their way right into London with the preconceived notion of enhanced economic opportunities. The fact was that people and their dreams had no bounds. But the physical area available for accommodating all the people was limited. As a result, the roads of London suddenly began to be littered with numerous shop owners, horse carts, pedestrians and common folk. The atmosphere of the streets was becoming more and more dismal.

The government had realized that overpopulation was becoming an insufferable elephant in the room. So all the administrative departments were asked to find a viable solution to this problem that was also pragmatic. While all the individual departments began to rack their brains, a promising group of railway representatives had an epiphany. ' Why can't the trains which  transport people effectively in the countryside, be used in the city as well. The construction of overhead bridges seemed expensive, and so they arrived at the idea of underground trains. It was an ambitious dream.

But when they approached their respective senior officials and narrated this idea, the arrogance radiating seniors, mocked and ridiculed these ideas. They felt that the folks had bats in their belfry and laughed at them with enormous petulance. But the ambition of the young officials  was unbeatable, and so they paid no heed to the criticism and sought after their goal. Soon the first underground railway line was set up with an ingenious effort in the year 1863. The network not only ease ned the overcrowded roads but also attracted people from all over the world thereby increasing the popularity of London as a whole. This resulted in more trade opportunities, cultural expansion and job opportunities as well. Witnessing the marvel created by the ambitious youngsters, the senior officials were forced to eat their hats and arrogance was bested by ambition outright. Having such robust roots, the underground network is as prominent as we know it today.

What I drew from this account that no matter whichever scenario is considered, there are always people present who are filled to the brim with arrogance and cynicism who will attempt to criticize and relegate the ambitious. But no matter how gigantic arrogance can become, it is always petite in comparison to true ambition. Ambition is like the torch which illuminates one's path in the darkest of caves. The individuals who believe in ambition always outrun arrogance and emerge victorious. But to do so one must be mentally strong and emotionally robust not to fall into the tempting trap of being arrogant which might elevate your ego but will place an irremovable blindfold forbidding you from seeing the bigger picture. The true ambition will certainly drive any individual right into his goals and aspirations.

A gigantic encouragement to all the people who have a fire in their bellies in the form of ambition and a message to anyone who has any form of arrogance to let go of it as that will ensure a more consummate scenario both for you and the people around you

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The Inaugral Post

Greetings readers! I gladly welcome you to this enchanting and elegant  "Candid land" filled with a plethora of honest thoughts and opinions about the most varied topics which this supreme blue planet has to offer. Let us all release the restraint and together set off on this incredible journey. This being my very first post, I would begin with a topic which most people can relate to, Friendship.

If we peer through the pages of history, the most prominent notion which is adorned intricately in all the epics is the fact that the most monumental achievements that stand out  have never been accomplished through solidarity. There has always been a combined effort between individuals in order to ascend the ladder that leads to success. Take the example of the valiant Vietnamese troops that fought fearless battles against their oppressors. There was not a single stone left unturned in terms of the assistance provided to each other. Same is the case of the Indian freedom struggle when all the people embraced each other in unity oblivious of their respective differences, in order to fight back the oppression. But on introspecting these inspiring epics I realized something that is  not so prominent.

 Deep inside all the courage and patriotism, the true entity which merged the people was friendship. It is true friends who watch each other's backs and safeguard one another. Friendship is the key tool that enhances an individual's support when dealing with all forms of calamity. If a person lacks true friends, then its almost as if he lacks all form of support and strength. If we think about it, friendship not just makes people comfortable but also fearless. Even in the case of non-living things! Its like saying that if a person wants to learn to swim, then he or she might as well should befriend the water to understand its nature and very soon, the staggering discovery which the person makes is that the fear has suddenly vanished in thin air. In most forest ecosystems, all the living creatures exhibit an internal friendship with each other that causes them to coexist mutually. Animals display the art of friendship and harmony better than any other living creature 

But if we veer over to today's times, the friendship that was prominent in an era, has now relegated at a commensurate rate. The shrewd and cunning people who relish the opportunity of deceiving other people use the means of fake friendship in order to keep the other person bound in a spell. Most opportunists make friends only so that they can make good use of them for their selfish desires. The wolves in sheep's clothing pose as friends but are enemies from within. The harsh irony of all this is that the so-called oppression that existed in those times still thrives amongst us in the form of anger, depression, malice, arrogance and all such forms of negativity. A thousand such problems can be eradicated by the presence of one true friend. Those cheeky laughs and funny antics which exists between friends somehow programs their mind to stay away from petulance. Negativity doesn’t stand a chance in comparison to friendship. As a matter of fact, it's the only ship which never  sinks in any voyage! 

We humans have been endowed with the most advanced analytical capabilities so it becomes imperative for us to understand the need of friendship in the modern world. It is like a natural medicine for people suffering from depression. Insecure and fearful people having clandestine thoughts get a chance to open up with true friends. And amongst all, I’m forgetting the most important friend we possess, our self. A person who is at peace with his or her soul will never commit any  sort of crime or malpractice because the soul will caution the person in the nick of time. The advantages are simply limitless.

So lets all keep the friendship going and give a massive shout out to all those true friends who love and support each other!!

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