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Greetings viewers ! I am Abhishek Raman Mathur. 

I'm primarily interested in the field of Robotics, particularly using Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision planning techniques along with SLAM to intelligently control Robot arms. I am extremely skilled in advanced research in these fields. I like the concept of Game theory and Decision-making that shapes the AI controlling Intelligent Robotic Systems. Being open-minded, I plan on expanding my horizons in other robot applications like humanoid robots and mobile robots, especially for healthcare. Currently, I am a final year undergrad student at the Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) in Goa, India, with a strong passion for being admitted to the graduate program of my dreams.

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I have worked on cool projects ranging from Sensor-based localization for Robotic Ultrasound, Vision-based path planning for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery, controlling Land and aerial mobile robots using intelligent RL, AI-based Stock analysis, and many more !! 

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Now for the stuff, you are looking forward to reading, WHO I AM ? :

Well, when given an issue to solve, I am the type of guy who simply cannot remain idle. Contrary to popular belief, both my left and right brains are equally stimulated. My ideas are fueled by creativity, and innovation is where they end up. I have an ambitious attitude, just like Tony Stark, but I also have a lot of humility and compassion. In the end, I always envision myself contributing to the betterment of humanity as a whole.  

But I firmly feel that I should take immediate action. I don't hold off until later. My ultrasound method can automate the process and complete it 97% faster, making automated ultrasound far more easily accessible to those who cannot afford to hire professionals. Being a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, I too wanted to assist differently. I gave supplies to the less fortunate folks battling the disease at my neighborhood hospital.

 I believe that education is the most valuable asset someone can have and that everyone should have access to it. Since they were passionate about maths and physics but lacked the funds to acquire a top-notch education, I assisted several kids from the slums in learning these subjects. I try to be the most well-rounded individual possible by combining cutting-edge research with community involvement.

I intend on making the next Google or Amazon-level company in the Robotics Industry, which not only caters to its niche but brings people closer together. Sounds quite far-fetched and ambitious isn't it? But that's what I believe in, the bigger the dreams, the bigger the impact I will make. Being an entrepreneur will help me solve daily problems faced by people using extremely intelligent robot arm technology.

Hopefully, this was an enriching read!

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